Proactiv – A Detailed Comprehensive Review

Proactiv – A Detailed Comprehensive Review

Proactiv – A Detailed Comprehensive Review

Proactiv is a widely preferred acne-fighting system. It has been around for 15 years. The product was developed by Dr. Kathy Fields and Dr. Katie Rodan, who are U.S. certified dermatologists.

Below is given a complete review of the Proactiv solution. It will help you understand the effectiveness of this product.

Ingredients in Proactiv acne skin care system

Proactiv is equipped with one of the most powerful acne-curing ingredient – Benzoyl Peroxide. In fact, 2.5% of Proactiv is Benzoyl Peroxide. This competent ingredient attacks the cause of acne. It kills Propionibacteria acnes. It is the bacteria, which is responsible for the growth of acne. Since the bacteria are unable to survive in oxygen-rich surroundings, Benzoyl Peroxide infuses each pore with oxygen. In this way, the acne clears and does not come back.

Unlike other acne-removing solutions, Proactiv does not make the skin rough. It has moisturizing elements like Sorbitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Propylene Glycol, and Sodium PCA.

Proactiv acne skin care system also promises a healthy look and glow. It is possible due to the presence of Chamomile, Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprate, and Cetyl Esters. The product works as a marvelous exfoliator, as it has Polyethylene too. Hence, with everyday use, the skin gets rid of dead cells and it gains a fresher look.

Other ingredients in Proactiv include preserving agents like Imidazolidinyl Urea, Propylparaben and Methylparaben. The product contains a few thickening agents also like PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate and Xanthan Gum. These components provide good consistency to Proactiv making it easier to spread on the skin.

The ingredients mentioned above work well for all skin types. They are totally safe and gentle to use, and do not pose any threat of side-effects.

How does Proactiv acne skin care system work?

Proactiv works in 3 steps. It is a complete acne-controlling system, which cleans the skin and prevents further acne breakouts. Thus, with Proactiv, you do not need any other product to get rid of your acne problem.

First Step: The Renewing Cleanser

It is an oil and soap free exfoliator. It is applied in circular motion on the skin. The round exfoliating particles in the cleanser gently remove the dead skin cells. The cleanser has Benzoyl Peroxide, which eliminates acne and eventually reveals healthy and refreshed skin.

Second Step: Revitalizing Toner

The toner hydrates the skin from deep inside. It speeds up the healing process. By using it as prescribed, you will very soon witness the clearer skin. With regular application, you will also discover that your skin is not that oily anymore. The toner is an oil controller that provides a cleaner appearance to the skin.

The revitalizing toner also protects the skin by tightening it. In this way, the pores, which became enlarged because of acne, regain their normal size. As a result, the impurities cannot enter your skin and it remains acne-free.

Third Step: Repairing Moisturizer

It is the last step in which by using the Proactiv moisturizer, you can complete your skincare regime. Your skin will get a protective shield that will not allow acne-prone conditions to arise.

The moisturizer is very light and is medicated. Hence, after applying it, you will not get any sticky feel. Moreover, the medication will protect your skin as you go about your daily routine.

Does Proactiv work on acne at all stages?

Yes, it does not matter what the state of your acne is. Proactiv has the right ingredients, which are effective not only on mild acne but on severe acne also. Additionally, along with face acne, you will find beneficial results with Proactiv for acne on chest, back, neck, and shoulders. Not to mention, the product should be used as prescribed for the best and quickest results.

How soon does Proactiv acne skin care system produce results?

Proactiv is a blend of effective components. More often than not, it produces results in as early as a few days after regular use. The existing acne dries up and acne breakouts become history. In a few months, you will achieve acne-free skin with no visible enlarged pores. With time, the skin texture shows improvement as the scars begin to disappear.


Proactiv takes extremely great care of the skin because the combination of ingredients is highly impressive. These components protect the skin by keeping the acne-causing elements in check. The result is clearer skin, which is healthy and has a natural glow.

Moreover, as opposed to other acne controllers, Proactiv is not at all complicated to use. You will be able to use this product even if you have a hectic schedule.

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